viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

Vuelve el mejor arte urbano

by Timktim

He vuelto!!!!, después de un mes ausente Distorsión Urbana está de nuevo "en la red", os echaba de menos y para mi primer post del año os he traído una recopilación de las mejores imágenes de arte urbano que fueron apareciendo en las vacaciones, espero que os gusten.

I'm back!!!!, after 1 month "Distorsion Urbana" is on fire again, i missed you, so for my first post of the year i want to show you a collection with some of the best urban artworks that i saw on the net during my lastest holydays, hope you like it.

"Ballerina" by Martin Whatson - foto: Roy Olsen

by Martin Whatson - foto: Vitostreet

"The Sly Smile" by Nomerz

by Macs

by DMS163

by C215

by Cristian Blanxer

by Replete

by Eoin

by Tasso

by Owen Dippie - foto: Shellie

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Тим dijo...

author of the first study

Unknown dijo...

Thanks bro!!!,
i saw this on Nomerz's livejournal, but didn't know the autor because can't read russian characters, sorry.

Love your works, following you from now

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